When to Hire a San Jose Disability Lawyer

Do you need to apply for disability benefits? If you cannot work because of your disability but need a source of income to afford the cost of living, you might want to hire a San Jose disability lawyer to walk you through the process of completing the application and attempting to receive the benefits you truly need. It is good to hire a lawyer from the very beginning because then you can get help with questions that you might not know how to answer, but you can hire a lawyer even if you have been turned down for the benefits.

Getting Help With Applying

Image result for disability could prevent you from doing various thingsMany people decide to hire a disability attorney because they do not know the steps that they need to take to attempt to receive compensation, but they know that they truly need the money to survive. If you are in that situation and need help with properly filling out the application to receive disability benefits, you should contact an attorney to help you go over things. Making mistakes when filling out the application could cause more problems for you because then you would have to fix things before you could even have your application reviewed. Because you do not want to waste time when trying to get the benefits that you need, speaking to an attorney is the best thing to do.

Filing an Appeal With an Attorney

The San Jose disability lawyer can help you when you are first applying for disability benefits, but he or she can also help you when you need to file an appeal. If you complete an application and are truly disabled but have received a denial notice, you have the right to file an appeal and fight the denial. Your disability could prevent you from doing various things, such as standing for long periods, walking, or even lifting heavy objects. If you cannot handle simple tasks and have no source of income, you may be depending on disability benefits to survive. The attorney will assist you with appealing the decision while hoping to get it overturned for you.

When you need to file for disability benefits because you are disabled, out of work, and struggling, you should hire an attorney to help you. When you have an attorney walking you through each step, you can avoid making costly mistakes that would cause the process to drag on even further.

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