Unusual Texas Liquor Laws

Texas liquor laws can be quite confusing. Most of the laws are outdated and tend to conflict at times. They date back to the end of alcohol prohibition period and are generally in favor of Christianism and are pro-family and pro-Texan said an Attorney from MONSHAUGEN & VAN HUFF, P.C.. The state of Texas highly regulates the sale of distilled spirits. In fact, you can only purchase liquor at permitted liquor stores and you can’t buy liquor on Sundays, Christmas day, New years day and Thanksgiving day. Despite these facts, there are some other Texas liquor laws that truly stand out. Regardless off how strange they are, they do exist and Texans are expected to abide by them.

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This article takes a look at some of the most unusual Texas liquor laws.

Parents And Guardians Can Buy Alcohol For Minors

Yes, you read that right. In Texas, you can buy alcoholic beverages for your children. The law states that persons under the age of 21 can indulge in alcohol, however, they can do so only under the supervision of their parents or guardians. The fact that there is a law that permits the underage to drink alcohol might not sit well with some people.

Your Spouse Can Order An Alcohol For You If You Are Under 21 Years

If you are under 21 Years and want to enjoy a frosty alcoholic beverage, then you can politely ask your spouse to order it for you if he/she is over 21 years. What a great way to build a healthy relationship.

Prohibition In Some Counties

Even though the ban on alcohol was lifted over 80 years ago, prohibition is still implemented in 5 Texas counties at the moment. However, in 1996, the number stood at 53. This means that in these counties possessing any type of alcoholic drink is illegal.

Only Liquor Stores Can Sell Liquor

In other states, you can just run into a store and purchase your favorite brand of hard liquor. However, in Texas, you can only buy liquor in liquor stores.

Restricted Hard Liquor Sale On Holidays And Sundays

Let’s be honest, during the holidays is when we all love to indulge and drown ourselves in liquor. In Texas, however, liquor stores have to remain closed on Christmas day, New Year’s day, Thanksgiving day and on Sundays. If the holidays are on a Sunday, then the following day, which is obviously a Monday, the liquor stores still have to remain closed. Hence, it’s wise to stock up early.

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