Liquor Licensing – Application Process

In order to sell liquor to the public in Texas, there are strict regulations that need to be adhered to – one of which is obtaining a liquor licence so you must know the liquor law in Texas. Liquor licensing requirements differ from state to state and needs to made through the relevant governing agency in a specific state through local or county officials.

There is however some websites that can assist with the application process or even complete the entire process for you. There are both advantages and disadvantages to taking the online route.

1. Time

Image result for requirements or obstacles to obtaining a liquor licenseApplying online for a liquor licence should take around the same time for it to be awarded or declined as using traditional application methods. However, taking this route will save you the time it takes to apply as wells as speed up the process by ensuring that all the requirements are met, documents submitted and the process followed correctly the first time around. Simply by understanding the process and what is required allows online liquor licensing websites to save you time.

2. Cost

The cost of application varies from state to state just like the regulations governing liquor licenses. You can expect to pay anywhere between $300 and $1400 to apply. Using an online site will cost extra. In general, these sites charge up to $250 to handle the application process. However, the time and hassle that it will save you is well worth the additional fee.

3. Convenience

It should go without saying that online application is much more convenient than the DIY option. However, you will still need to compile the required documentation, complete forms and ensure that all the other necessary requirements are met before applying online for a liquor license. Once you have done this, there should be no further requirements or obstacles to obtaining a liquor license. You can even contact your chosen online application website on a regular basis to inquire about the status of the application and where it is in the process.

If a liquor license has been denied, it is best to contact an online application provider in order to evaluate the reasons for denial as well as assist you in re-applying. The application process will normally need to be started from scratch if it was declined. However, there may be an issue that will need to be rectified in order for reapplication to be successful and to ensure that the regulations for a liquor license are being met.

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